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Get your child registered for a fun freebie!

If your preschooler loves getting mail, there’s a new magazine that launched in April aimed just for them, and â€?even better â€?you can register for a FREE subscription today!

The new Netflix Jr. Magazine is a physical magazine that your kids can get excited about receiving in the mailbox every other month. It’s full of games, stories, stickers, crafts, and other activities created by preschool childhood development experts. Each feature is designed to inspire curiosity, learning, and fun among kids ages five and younger.

While Netflix Jr. Magazine was created to help children connect with their favorite Netflix shows and characters, any preschooler could enjoy the magazine’s content. Netflix Jr. Magazine is totally free for everyone, whether you have an active Netflix subscription or not!

If you’d like to get a free subscription for your household, just head on over here to register. There is a limit of one magazine per address at this time, and your free subscription will continue until you cancel it here.

If you prefer you can download and print your own copy here. There are currently two issues available, with another new one scheduled to come out in September!

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(Thanks, Margaret!)